Bug Bounty Hall Of Fame

FunRetro will give recognition and compensation for people reporting bugs and issues, especially those pertaining to exploits and vulnerabilities. To report bugs please send email to security@funretro.io.

Please note that we will only reward finds that are strict related to our application business logic and implementation. We use Firebase extensively for hosting, authentication and other services. We will not reward issues related to Firebase code and implementation since we don't have control over it. We will also not reward issues that have been already reported before.

Thanks to the following researchers for reporting important security issues:

Rank Researcher Issues found
1 Aagam Shah (@neutrinoguy) 10
2 Tijo Davis 5
3 Fahimul Kabir Lemon 4
4 Nitesh Sharma 2
5 Tirtha Mandal 1
6 Orkhan Yolchuyev 1
7 Virendra Tiwari 1
8 Mohd Mubin Girach 1
9 Ayushmaan Banerjee 1
10 Himanshu Sondhi 1