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What Is A Fun Retrospective?

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A retrospective is an opportunity to learn and improve, in a fun environment. To break it down in the simplest way you should cover:

  • What worked well?
  • What didn't work well?
  • What actionable items can we do to improve the situation?

These are generally quick sessions that are not only informative and contribute to the teams functionality and efficiency, but also do something most ‘Retrospectives’ forget to do: Engage the team.

Our FunRetro tool ensures you maintain high team morale by making these team collaboration opportunities effortless and fun.

What People Say About Us?

I use FunRetro with multiple clients and teams and love the tool. It enables me to work with distributed teams and prepare Retrospectives in an easy and efficient way.

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Johan Terink CEO and Agile Coach at AmbienZ

If you know what it means to be on a sprint team, you should check out https://funretro.io It makes retrospectives fun, truly! We used for the first time today and I'm a fan! Twitter post

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Alecia Hoobing Product Manager at ClickFunnels

Currently doing a retrospective with https://funretro.io. This is really fun and absolutely valuable Twitter post

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Heiko Scherrer Founder at OpenWMS

Been really impressed with https://funretro.io for quick, decentralised retros Twitter post

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Jon Aizlewood New Business Director at Clearleft

In case you don't know this tool - really useful and easy to use for running retrospectives (defining area of focus, merge similar points, voting, prioritizing, sorting by no. of votes, etc.). Twitter post

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Ewa Bocian Dwarfs and Giants

Make your #Agile retrospectives fun with Fun Retro. #pm #tools
Twitter post

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Online + distributed retrospectives continue to get easier with Fun Retro via @glauberamos https://funretro.io | Good stuff, getting better Twitter post

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Jeffrey Davidson Leading Great Teams

Recomendamos essa ferramenta para #retrospectivas: https://funretro.io Quer saber mais? Acesse também https://funretrospectives.com
Twitter post

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Thoughtworks Brasil

Getting Started

If you’ve got the fun, exciting, and innovative team - we have the tool. FunRetro is a fun retrospective (‘retro’ for short) tool you can use for your regular sprint session to discuss what went well and what didn’t. You’ll be able to easily identify obstacles and discuss ideas for improvements that will allow you to move forward unhindered.

It’s also great opportunity for everyone to see and understand the workflow and collaborations while addressing issues with this.

Your outcome? A list of points and notes the team can action, improve on or explore as ideas. You will also be able to refer back to your notes from the previous sprint retrospective and ensure all items were attended to.

How to get started? Click here to Register for free if you’re a new user and follow the prompts. You will have the option to sign up for one of our packages - or - if you’re still not sure if FunRetro is the right tool for your team, sign up for our 14 day free trial!

Let the productive fun begin!

What Benefits Will You Get?

FunRetro makes it effortless to run sprint retrospectives. We believe retrospectives should be democratic and collaborative.

We focus on making the easiest tool possible so we don't get in front of your objective - to improve your team and the way you work.

We believe there's no correct way of running retrospectives, that's why we made the most configurable board out there. And you can also export all your data to use on other tools.

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